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About us
About us

The story of Alp Ocean is a story about sharing and win-win.

Mr. Zheng Jianguo was born in a small village in north China. His father passed away when he was a child. With relatives’ and neighbors’ help, Mr. Zheng was brought up by his mother-a brave and upright lady. Since he was a child, Mr. Zheng was educated by his mother with the old Chinese idiom “A single thread doesn’t make a cord, a single tree doesn’t make a forest”. Grew up in a circumstance with a lot help, Mr. Zheng understand the idiom well and make it a principle for life.

To support the family, Mr. Zheng worked at very young age. When he was 17th, Mr. Zheng entered a local glass factory as an apprentice. With hard working and good intelligence, he was gradually promoted to team leader, production supervisor and then sales manager.

In the year of 2000, Mr. Zheng built his own hand-blown factory with several friends who grew up together and recruit the people around his village. Mr. Zheng shared the profit generously to the people who he worked with and won the loyalty and support. To the customers, Mr. Zheng also gave his generous support. With his help, some small trading companies finally grew up and became important roles in the industry. And the trading companies’ leaders became not only business partners, but also good friends.

With good business strategy and management, the factory grew up quickly. By the year of 2007, a joint venture machine-made factory which produces 40tons glassware set up in Anhui province. The company developed the product diversity and entered into a new stage.

The later world economic crisis gave a serious shock to the company’s business in 2008, but luckily the company get through it by all efforts from management to workers. The customers also showed their loyalty and support during the difficult time.The management realized more business modes are needed. Noticing of reduce of OEM orders and the rise of smaller orders, management decide to set up a warehouse in Yiwu, to keep some regular products in stock and combine the products from different factories. By the year of 2013, 4x10,000 square meters warehouse established in Yiwu. Different customers’ needs can be fulfilled, no matter bigger or smaller.

In the year of 2017, the Shenzhen office-Alp Ocean Import and Export Co., Ltd was established for working with contractors in south and for the future import business.

The story of Alp Ocean will continue and sincerely welcome you be a part of it.